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    3.3V-5V TXS0108E 8 Channel Bidirectional Logic Level Converter


    This chip allow easy conversion between logic levels allowing easy interfacing of Modules or other integrated circuits to a microcontroller or Arduino system.

    • 1.2 V to 3.6 V on A Port and 1.65 to 5.5 V on B Port
    • Output Enable Function Using OE pin
    • VCCA connects to lower logic level eg 3.3V
    • VCCB connects to higher logic level eg 5V
    • When Ax has TTL 3.3V input, Bx will get TTL 5V output
    • When Bx has TTL 5V input, Ax will get TTL 3.3V output
    • NO direction control required

    Example applications are Arduino to GSM connections, 3.3V SPI/I2C module connection to 5V system, UART interfacing between systems operating at different voltages

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    Bi-Directional 4 Channel Logic Level Converter


    This tiny logic level shifter features four bidirectional channels, allowing for safe and easy communication between devices operating at different logic levels. It can convert signals as low as 1.5 V to as high as 18 V and vice versa, and its four channels are enough to support most common bidirectional and unidirectional digital interfaces, including I²C, SPI, and asynchronous TTL serial.

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    Female-Female Dupont Jumper Cables


    These male to male dupont jumper cables will help you easily connect things up, especially modules and sensors

    • 40  Colored dupont cables
    • Length: 20cm
    • 1p-1p pin header, Female to Female.
    • 2.54mm/1 inch spacing spacing pin headers
    • Easily connect modules and sensors


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    FT232 FTDI To TTL Serial Adapter


    A low-cost way to add USB capability to for Arduino or other microcontrollers. Use this for boot loading or uploading Arduino sketches with ease


    • Can program Arduino mini, Pro Mini, Lily Pad and other Arduino devices without pinout.
    • Working voltage: 3.3V/5V
    • Chip: FT232RL
    • Over current protection with 500 mA fuse


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    LM2596 Adjustable Step-Down Power Module With Digital Display


    This board carries the multipurpose LM2596 power supply and allows you deliver a regulated voltage for any electronic device without the need for soldering or a multimeter. Simply set it and hook it up.  The module displays the output voltage on a built in  seven segment display.



    • 4V-40V Input Voltage.
    • Continuously adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V-37V .
    • Maximum output current up to 3A
    • Switch toggles between viewing output or input voltage.
    • Clear Seven Segment display for showing operating voltages


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    Micro USB to DIP Adapter- Pair


    These Micro USB to DIP converter boards allow easy connection of a microcontroller or arduino to a PC using standard USB interface.

    It may also be used to power a device over the USB port

    • 3cm x 3cm x 3cm
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    R2323 to TTL Converter with Dupont Cable


    This module suitable for any 3.3v or 5v microcontroller and Arduino

    • Fully compatible with existing legacy COM port software
    • Output signals: VDD, TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS, GND
    • Power, TX, RX LED
    • Power input: 3.3V or 5V

    Package List:
    1 * RS232 Serial To TTL Converter Module
    4 * Dupont Jumping Cable

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    Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi HDMI To VGA Converter


    This is a high quality, high performance, convenient and compact HDMI to VGA conversion cable. It converts the digital HDMI video signals which are outputted from Raspberry Pi, into an analog signal required by the widely used VGA based computer displays still widely used around the world. It is a portable digital to analog adapter cable, converting standard HDMI input to VGA output. It is widely applicable where computer/DVD/digital set top box/laptop/a range of HD sources output’s digital signal but some display devices such as TV/monitor/projector doesn’t have digital input interface.

    • Plug and play, no external power supply required
    • The device handles display resolutions of up to 720p/1080i/1080p
    • Standard HDMI male input
    • VGA female output
    • 99% high purity oxygen free copper wire core, gold plated terminals and gold plated plug

    Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model A/B/B+


    Product Information
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    RS-485 to TTL Converter Module


    This RS485 to TTL Module allows you to communicate to an RS-485 device, module or another microcontroller at over 1Mbps from over 1km away! This RS485 transciever can be easily interfaced to a microcontroller or Arduino


    • Uses MAX485 integrated circuit
    • Pinout  DI,DE,RE,RD signals
    • 5 Volt Operation


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    RS232 to TTL Module – MAX3232


    This RS232 to TTL converter allows a microcontroller or Arduino operating at 3.3V to 5V to be interfaced to RS-232 type serial port.

    • MAX3232 chip
    • Voltage: 3.3V/5V


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    USB to RS-485 Converter


    The USB-RS-485 Converter allows you to interface and debug RS-485 devices from any terminal application or terminal application.



    • No need external power, USB powered
    • USB 2.0 plug and play compliant
    • USB CH340 chip
    • Support System: Windows XP , Vista, Windows 7 , Linux , MacOS , and WinCE5.0 support
    • Supports baud rate range : 75bps – 115200bps , up to 6Mbps
    • Communication distance :1200m(max)


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    USB to RS232 Cable HL-340


    A USB to RS232 cable.


    • USB to RS232 (9-pin Male) Cable
    • USB specification 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
    • 4.Support the RS 232 serial interface
    • Supports over 1 Mbps data transfer rate
    • Windows Vista/7/8/10


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