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    150W DC-DC Boost Converter – 10-32V to 12-35V


    The module is a non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)

    • Dimensions: 65 * 56.5 * 23 (length * width * high) (mm)
    • Input voltage :10-32V
    • Output voltage: 12-35V (adjustable)
    • Output Current: 6A (MAX)
    • Input Current: 10A (MAX) (Please enhance heat dissipation if more than 10A)
    • Output power: natural cooling 100W (MAX), enhance heat dissipation 150W (MAX)
    • Conversion efficiency: 94% (measured at Input 16V, output 19V 2.5A)
    • Output Ripple: 2% (MAX) 20M-bandwidth
    • Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40c to +85c) (ambient temperature exceeds 40c, lower power use, or to enhance heat dissipation)
    • Full load temperature rise: 45c
    • No-load current: 25mA typical
    • Voltage regulation: 0.5%
    • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS


      • Easily power an laptop from a 12V battery
      • Power 24V loads from a simple 12V battery
    • Boost up solar power for more advanced applications
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    Dual USB Output 9V 12V 24V 36V 5V DC-DC Power Supply Module

    1. This is a mini DC-DC step down voltage converter module with fixed 5V voltage output.
    2. Input: 6V-40V
    3. Output: 5V / 3A (MAX)
    4. Efficiency: 92% (MAX)
    5. Switching frequency: 150KHZ
    • Working temperature: -40 ‘C – + 85 ‘C
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    L293D Multi-Motor Driver Shield


    The L293D multi-motor driver shield has two removable L293D integrated circuits. The module plugs directly on top of some Arduino boards such as the Arduino Uno and is perfect for many robotic and automation projects.

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    MT3608 Power DC-DC Booster Module


    This DC-DC booster module comes in handy when you need a regulated output greater than what you have available. It can be used to boost 3-3.7V battery supply to 5V output or raise a 5V supply to be compatible with a 12V motor.

    Technical specifications:

    • AeroSemi MT3608 High Efficiency 1.2MHz 2A Step Up Converter integrated circuit.
    • The maximum output current: 2A
    • The input voltage: 2V ~ 24V
    • Output adjustable using a potentiometer
    • The maximum output voltage: 28V
    • 93% peak efficiency (~200mA output current at 5Vin, 12Vout)
    • Product size: 36 mm * 17 mm * 14 mm


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    Step-Up Step-Down Constant Voltage Constant Current Converter Module


    This module has the popular LM2596 (Buck Reducing)  and LM2577 (Boost Up) power converters on board. It is therefore able to step-up or step-down power from a variety of PC power sources and deliver steady power to a load.

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