Converter Module – USB To RS458


This RS485 to TTL Module allows you to communicate to an RS-485 device, module or another microcontroller at over 1Mbps from over 1km away! This RS485 transciever can be easily interfaced to a microcontroller or Arduino


  • Uses MAX485 integrated circuit
  • Pinout  DI,DE,RE,RD signals
  • 5 Volt Operation


SKU: 212-1-1

Industrial grade RS485 to USB converter which can withstand tough working environment. The housing is made of hardened ABS plastic with a reinforced terminal header for easy connection of communication wires.

This RS485 to USB converter is electrically protected against static electricity, high voltage spikes and other dangerous voltage spikes which can damage your equipment or data signaling. This protection is accomplished by four Transient Voltage Suppressors, one for each data line. Automatic send data control is enabled by default so no external flow or handshake control is needed.


  • 1>.Support TVS transient suppression protection
  • 2>.Support electrostatic ESD protection
  • 3>.Support surge protection
  • 4>.Support short circuit protection
  • 5>.Super long communication distance
  • 6>.Support hot plug and unplug
  • 7>.Automatically determine and control the data transmission direction


  • 1>.Download CH340 Driver software and Serial communication software.
  • 2>.Install CH340 Driver.
  • 3>.Connect module to PC and check PC’s ‘Device manager’.It will display CH340.If the computer does not recognize module, user need to uninstall the driver software, then re-install or replace the computer or change USB port.
  • 4>.Open Serial communication software to use send data.


  • 1>.Data collection
  • 2>.Signal conversion
  • 3>.Equipment Repair
  • 4>.Product development


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