Terms and Conditions

Nerdshed offers online sales according to the conditions described in this section. If you visit and shop on nerdshed.com.ng you accept these conditions. Please take the time to consider them. Nershed reserves the right to modify at any time and without notification its website and its sales policies. If you are not in agreement with one or many of these conditions, please do not use the website in any way.

All information, images, descriptions, applications, demonstrations or programming examples contained on this website are presented for instructional value and are not guaranteed for any precise objectives. Although Nerdshed does everything possible to provide the best information possible, Nerdshed can not guarantee that this information is just and precise and assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors. Furthermore, Nerdshed assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the material contained on its website, or for transgressions of copyrights and/or intellectual property from a third party relative to the use of said material.

All products sold by Nerdshed are of good quality and are considered as being reliable. On the other hand, Nerdshed warns against their use in an application, in a medical tool or system, in any domestic, commercial or industrial product where an error could result in harm or even death of a human being or an animal.

The primary responsibility for the use of any product sold in on Nerdshed depends only on the user.