MAX3485 TTL To RS485 Module


This RS485 to TTL Module allows you to communicate to an RS-485 device, module or another microcontroller at over 1Mbps from over 1km away! This RS485 transciever can be easily interfaced to a microcontroller or Arduino


  • Uses MAX485 integrated circuit
  • Pinout  DI,DE,RE,RD signals
  • 5 Volt Operation


SKU: 212-1-1-2


This is MAX3485 TTL to RS485 Module from the category Modules | Converter/Ethernet.

ESD protection with positive and negative 15KV is a product parameter.

  • Features:
  • The ESD protection with plus or minus 15KV
  • The power supply is used with the tantalum electrolytic capacitor, and the double capacitor is used for high low-frequency power filtering
  • Using double transient suppression diode, the over-voltage protection performance is excellent
  • 10 Ω current protection resistance, patch designed to improve 485 signal integrity
  • It has terminals and welded lead holes, easy to debug and fixed wiring, and welding leads can improve the reliability of the signal
  • Spread copper over large areas to prevent interference,The RS485 and the TTL signal are all single-sided, ensuring the quality of the signal and improving signal integrity
  • It has 2.54 interval hole welded hole for your secondary development,It has the M3 screw hole which is quite commonly used now, and the installation is convenient and reliable.
  • Support 3.3 V and 5V signal control and compatibility, and working temperature: 40 ° to + 85 °.

Package Included:

  • 1 x MAX3485 TTL To RS485 Module


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