Rain Sensor – Arduino Compatible


This rain sensor can be used for all kinds of weather monitoring, and translated into digital output signals and analog. Humidity Detection Sensor Module Snow Rain raindrops Detection for Arduino

  • Sensitivity can be adjusted via potentiometer LED lights up when there is no rain output is high; as soon as  raindrop is detected, the output goes to ground level (0V).
  • Connect to the microcontroller/Arduino ADC port to detect the size of the drops in the above rainfall. DO TTL digital outputs can also be connected to the microcontroller detects whether there is rain.
  • Digital outputs (0 and 1) and analog AO voltage output; TTL-level output, TTL output valid signal is low. Driving capability 100MA so, can directly drive relays, buzzer or small fan.

Pin functions include:

  • VCC(3V to 5V)
  • GND
  • AO (Analog Output)
  • Digital Output (TTL levels)

Package Includes:

  • Rain sensing pad
  • Sensing PCB
  • Dupont cable
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