DC Power Supply Module


The ATTEN AT936B is a powerful 50 Watt soldering station suitable for all soldering needs from hobbyists to professionals. The automatic temperature regulation and ESD protection allows for high quality professional soldering. This soldering iron heats up very quickly so that you can get to work immediately, typically less than 30s.


  • Temperature regulator knob.
  • Portable and compact setup.
  • Anti-static protection.
  • Replaceable soldering tips and heating element.
  • Typically heats up in <30s.
  • “Heating up” red LED indicator.


  • Power Consumption: 50 W
  • Operating voltage: 110-220V AC
  • Input frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 26VAC
  • Temperature Range: 200-480 °C
  • Resistance between nozzle and ground: Less than 2Ω
  • Potential between nozzle and ground: Less than 5mV

Package Includes:

  • ATTEN AT936b 50W SMD Rework Station.
  • Iron handle.
  • Iron stand.
  • Cleaning sponge.
  • Instruction manual.


This small DC Power Adapter Module accepts a standard DC power plug such as from an AC adapter and brings the power out to a header for easy hookup to a breadboard.

Modules don’t get much simpler than this.  This module provides an inexpensive and convenient way to adapt any standard DC power plug to a breadboard such as if you have a 5V AC adapter that you want to use to power your breadboard directly or you want to bring in something like 12V to power a motor driver.

The power and ground are brought out to a 4-pin male header.  There are 2 pins (‘+’) for the power and 2 pins (‘-‘) for the ground which allows you to  double-up the jumper wires if a fair amount of current will be drawn from the module to minimize voltage drop across them.

The power input has a zero ohm resistor in series.  This could be replaced with something like a ferrite bead or diode if desired for some applications.

The on-board LED has a 2.4K series current limiting resistor, so it can safely handle higher voltages.


  • Accepts standard 5.5 x 2.1mm DC power plug
  • Brings DC voltage and ground out to male header
  • Power on LED Indicator

Package Included:

  • DC Power Adapter Module


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