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    Electronic Soil Hygrometer


    This device can be used to measure soil moisture electronically. It has both analog and digital outputs. Sensitivity adjustable the blue digital potentiometer.

    • 3.3V-5V Operating voltage
    • Two Indicator LEDs: Power (Red) Output (Green)
    • Mounting hole
    • Compatible with Arduino and PIC microcontrollers

    Four wire interface  pin description:

    1. VCC: .3 V-5V
    2. GND: GND
    3. DO: digital output interface (0 and 1)
    4. AO: Analog Output Interface

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    Mini Digital LCD Indoor Thermometer and Hygrometer


    This mini digital thermometer and hygrometer displays ambient temperature and relative humidity

    • Modern type indoor desk thermometer with hygrometer.
    • Indoor temperature °C(min. or max.) and humidity (max. or min.) display.
    • Clear and correct display with easy to read arabic numerals
    • It is widely used for the measurement of the temperature and humidity in houses, offices, workshops, schools, markets, warehouses, etc
    • Indoor temperature range: 0°C~50°C.
    • Up to 0.1°C accuracy.
    • Humidity range: 20%RH~95%RH.
    • Powered by two button batteries. (Included)
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    Plastic Vernier Height & Depth Gauge Caliper- 0-150mm


    Product Description:

    This product can measure the outer diameter, inner diameter, height, depth, etc.


    Electronic digital caliper Made of hardened stainless steel Internal

    external and height dimensions can be easily and accurately measured Linear capacitance measurement system Zero setting at any position Lock the jaws with a small locking thumb screw Basic measurement


    external, depth and step measurements.

    easy-to-read LCD display Ideal for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

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