TP4056 Lithium Ion Charger Type-C


This unit allows Lithium ion batteries to be safely charged using the increasingly popular USB-C interface. the small form-sized board incorporate over-charged and over-discharged protection as well as LED indicators that shows the state of charge.

Input voltage: 4.35-6V (recommended voltage 5 v)
Charge cut-off voltage: 4.2 V + / – 1%
Maximum charging current output: 1000 ma
Battery overcharge protection voltage: 4.28 V
Battery overcharge lifting voltage: 4.00 V
The battery discharge protection voltage: 3.0 V
Battery discharge termination voltage: 3.2 V
Battery: over-current protection current 3A
The board size: about 2.5 * 1.65 CM
Load the light not bright,red light for recahrging ,is full of green light
LED indicators
Red ledindicates that the batteries is charging
Blue/Green LED indicates that charging is complete

Project Ideas:
Power bank by including booster such as (MT3608 booster, USB 3v to 5v)
Power microcontroller and arduino projects for long duration and with ease


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