Portable Engraving Pen


This board allows Arduino nano I/O to be expanded. It also allows the nano to be powered from a 7-12V dc supply like an Arduino Uno.

Description :

Humans are naturally inclined to put labels on almost anything.
From writing on park benches, to doodling on walls, to putting a tattoo of one’s face or name on skin.
Continue doing a scribbling spree with : grab a cool “Clomana Any Surface Engraver Pen” Works like the usual pen, this allows you to write , etch and engrave on wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass, rings, silver pieces, ornaments, gadgets, electronics, accessories, watches, bakeware, bracelet, stencil, bowl, jewelry, plate, rock, metal and just about almost anything.

EASILY IDENTIFY VALUABLES: You can label tools and valuables to make identification a snap.
Excellent way to identify school supplies especially those expensive calculators, magnifying glasses and pens. Kids going to camp? We bet you want to engrave their name or initials on the iPod, iPhone or Smartphone, tablet, laptop or iPad.

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Very portable, compact and lightweight.Perfect travel size for the on-the-go projects.

EXPRESS YOURSELF: With this engraving pen you can showcase your creativity; embellish simple things.
It has the ability to turn a piece of wood, metal, or jewelry into something that is elegant and more personalized.
Decorate gifts, trophies and medals and help create memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Unscrew Engraver Pen from the bottom section by turning counter clockwise
  • Insert battery with (+) side facing up (AA size)
  • Hold Engrave-It just like a normal pen, with thumb over control button
  • Press control button with thumb; apply slight pressure and press tool down on surface to be engraved; hold at slight angle
  • Turn off when finished by releasing pressure from control button.


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