JT308 USB RFID Card Reader


The PN532 is a widely used and supported NFC chip. This module will allow you to add NFC and RFID functionality to your project, allowing you to interact with phones, read and write NFC tags and RFID tags.


  • Typical Operating Distance have been updated to 5cm~7cm reading distance
  • Work in NFC Mode or RFID reader/writer Mode
  • RFID reader/writer supports:
    •  Mifare 1k, 4k, Ultralight, and DesFire cards
    •  ISO/IEC 14443-4 cards such as CD97BX, CD light, Desfire, P5CN072 (SMX)
    •  Innovision Jewel cards such as IRT5001 card
    •  FeliCa cards such as RCS_860 and RCS_854
  • Plug and play, Arduino compatible
  • Built in PCB Antenna, with 4cm~6cm communication distance
  • On-board level shifter, Standard 5V TTL for I2C and UART, 3.3V TTL SPI
  • Work as RFID reader/writer
  • Work as 1443-A card or a virtual card
  • Exchange data with other NFC devices such as smartphone

Package contains

  • 1 PN532 NFC RFID Module
  • 1 dupont cable Male-Male
  • 1 Mifare S50 White Card
  • 1 Mifare One S50 Key Ring
  • 1 12P bent header pin

Arduino Library: //github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-PN532


Simplify Access Control: USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader

SECTION 1: Secure and Convenient Access Management

Take control of access management with the USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader. This reliable and user-friendly card reader provides a secure and convenient solution for controlling entry and managing access in various environments. Whether you’re securing an office building, a residential complex, or a restricted area, this card reader offers a seamless access control experience.

Streamlined Access Control: Streamline your access control procedures with the USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader. Designed to read 125kHz RFID cards, key fobs, and tags, this reader allows authorized individuals to gain entry swiftly and effortlessly. Simply present your card or key fob to the reader, and access is granted within moments. Say goodbye to traditional keys and cumbersome manual entry systems, and embrace the efficiency and convenience of RFID technology.

Secure Identification and Verification: Ensure secure identification and verification with the USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader. Each RFID card or key fob is uniquely encoded, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. The reader’s advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable reading, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining entry. Rest assured that your premises and assets are protected by a robust access control system that prioritizes security.

SECTION 2: Easy Integration and User-Friendly Operation

Plug-and-Play Functionality: The USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader offers plug-and-play functionality, making it incredibly easy to set up and use. Simply connect the reader to a USB port on your computer or compatible device, and it’s ready to go. This seamless integration ensures a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to start managing access immediately without complex configurations or additional equipment.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly experience with the USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader. Its straightforward interface makes it easy for both administrators and users to navigate the system. Administrators can effortlessly manage access permissions, add or remove users, and track entry records. Users can quickly scan their RFID cards or key fobs, gaining access with a simple swipe or tap. Enhance your access control procedures with a reader that prioritizes ease of use and efficiency.

SECTION 3: Versatile Applications and Reliable Performance

Wide Range of Applications:
The USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader caters to a wide range of applications. From office buildings, apartments, and gated communities to educational institutions and industrial facilities, this reader is suitable for various environments. Whether you’re managing access for a small-scale facility or a large complex, this versatile reader adapts to your needs, ensuring seamless access control.

Reliable Performance: Rely on the USB 125kHz RFID Card Reader for consistent and dependable performance. Built with high-quality components and robust construction, this reader is designed to withstand daily use and deliver reliable results. Its reading accuracy and durability ensure that your access control system operates smoothly and effectively, providing you with peace of mind and maintaining the security of your premises.

Installation Instructions

  • 1st Step: Connect the USB cable with the card reader to the computer USB port.
  • 2nd Step: The reader will ‘drip’ sound and flash about that power successfully, and then half a second after the ‘drip’ sound and flash about that device self-test successfully, without Installing any drivers, windows will automatically recognize it.
  • 3rd Step: Open one EXCEL or WORLD, the card number would be input by self.

Technical Details : USB 125 KHZ RFID Card Reader

  • Frequency Range: 125KHz
  • Communication Speed : 106Kbit/s
  • Reading Distance: 5-8cm
  • Operating Temperature (°C) : -10 to 60
  • Input Supply Voltage (VDC): 5
  • Material : Plastic

Physical Attributes : USB 125 KHZ RFID Card Reader

  • Reader Dimensions(mm)(LxWxH) : 105x70x12
  • Cable Length (Meter): 1.5

Additional Details:

  • Support μEM4001, 4100, or its compatible RFID, ID card.
  • Read the first 10 digits of the RFID/Proximity card.
  • Support Windows95/98/2000/XP/7/8.
  • Plug and Play
  • Reliable working condition
  • Powered directly from USB, no need for external power supply
  • Diagnostic Power LED
  • Built-in operating buzzer
  • Easy usage



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