Digital AC Voltmeter – 70V to 500V


This LED Digital AC Voltmeter is capable of measuring 70VAC to 500VAC. Only two wires need to be connected and voltage can be safely displayed.


  • Power Supply: AC
  • Display Type:Digital 7 segment display
  • Displays up to 3 digits
  • Working temperature: -10 to 65C
  • Accuracy Class:1% (± 1 digit)
  • Measuring Range: 70-500V AC
  • Dimensions:48 x 29 x 20 m
  • Display: 0.56″
  • Current: 5-15mA


This voltmeter’s measuring range is AC70-500V It can be used in measuring AC110V 220V 380V.
AC Voltage measurement in home office
Can be used in power distribution box as voltage indicator
Use in process monitoring for measure AC Input voltage to Motors, Actuators
Measure voltage in a circuit


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