Collision Switch Module


The Collision Switch Module is used to detect a collision with an object or to detect the limit of travel.

Collision Switch Module
Detect collisions with an object on robotic vehicles
Use as travel limit switch on 3D printers and similar applications
LED Lights when switch is engaged
Compatible with 3.3 and 5V logic
This switch module is often called a collision or crash switch, as it is sometimes used to detect when a robotic vehicle makes contact with an object.  They are also used as limit switches to detect when something such as a 3D printer head has reached the limit of its travel.

The module mounts a small microswitch with a lever.  The output is normally held HIGH via a 10K pull-up resistor on the module.  When the switch lever is depressed, the output is pulled to ground and goes LOW and the LED on the module lights.

The switch body is rated for up to 2A @ 125VAC, but the module is designed to switch logic level signals.

Module Connections
1×3 Header

OUT = Output is normally HIGH.  The output goes LOW when switch is depressed
VCC = Power.  Typically kept at 3.3 or 5V to match the MCU it is used with
GND = Ground which should be common with the MCU.
The module has one M3 hole for mounting.

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