4 Channel 5V Relay Module


This board is built specifically for the ESP8266 WiFi module. It allows you to control all kinds of devices over the Internet from the wildly popular ESP8266-01 Module. Simply power up and program the board.

  • Board size: 45 * 28 mm
  • Board function description:
  • IN +, IN-: 5V power input;
  • TX, RX, GND: Serial debug pin
SKU: 115-1


This 5V 4-Channel Relay Shield Module is a small current signal control power equipment commonly used electronic module, enabling high-power single-chip control devices are widely used in SCM system to make smart home project; and can be directly plugged into the compatible the use of various types of motherboards, eliminating the patch cable troubles.


  • 1. Standard For Shield interfaces and shape
  • 2. Can continue to stack other For expansion boards
  • 3. 3 M3 screw positioning holes for easy installation
  • 4. High Drive (5V or 3.3V) normally open contact closure
  • 5. Onboard relay indicator (red)

Relay Shield Interfaces:

  • Relay: 5V DC relay, HJR-4102-L-5V,
  • Power Interface: 5V DC Power
  • Indicator: four lights are red when the relay is driven high, the corresponding indicator will light up.

Relay Terminals:
Terminal high-power, high-current high voltage can be connected to the device. The 1st foot ( i.e. NOx) is a normally open pin, NCx pin is normally closed, COMx is common, i.e., when the relay is not driven, NOx and COMx open between two pins , NCx and COMx connection; When the relay (x) control signal pin is high drive relays , NOx and COMx connection open between NCx and COMx.


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