3.3V Voltage Regulator Module


The ATTEN AT936B is a powerful 50 Watt soldering station suitable for all soldering needs from hobbyists to professionals. The automatic temperature regulation and ESD protection allows for high quality professional soldering. This soldering iron heats up very quickly so that you can get to work immediately, typically less than 30s.


  • Temperature regulator knob.
  • Portable and compact setup.
  • Anti-static protection.
  • Replaceable soldering tips and heating element.
  • Typically heats up in <30s.
  • “Heating up” red LED indicator.


  • Power Consumption: 50 W
  • Operating voltage: 110-220V AC
  • Input frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 26VAC
  • Temperature Range: 200-480 °C
  • Resistance between nozzle and ground: Less than 2Ω
  • Potential between nozzle and ground: Less than 5mV

Package Includes:

  • ATTEN AT936b 50W SMD Rework Station.
  • Iron handle.
  • Iron stand.
  • Cleaning sponge.
  • Instruction manual.


Positive power supply board. Its basically takes an input of 4.5-15V DC and outputs a constant voltage of 3.3V. It can supply a maximum of 0.8A of current at 3.3V.

The board comes with appropriate rectification, filtering circuit, a power indication LED. The module is very useful for the products which demand 3.3V at 800mA of current. It equips 3 pins where you can plug-in input and output, This offers ease of connection.

The Power Supply Mini Board is the ideal solutions, providing a positive supply at constant out for projects & systems etc.


  • Suitable for 4.5-15V AC/DC input with PCB Terminals
  • Power LED for Outputs
  • +3.3V Output Termination Points
  • Suitable for use with most +3.3V Microcontrollers
  • Dimensions: 13mm x 9 mm

Package Includes:

  • 3.3V AMS1117 800ma power supply module


  • Please do not work above the operating voltage, or it will be damaged easily.
  • The input voltage must be 1.5V or 2V higher than the output voltage, otherwise, it can not output enough power.
  • Please do not reverse polarity, or it will be damaged because of a short circuit.


  • //cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2822/2674/files/ds1117.pdf?3161997491528035188


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