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    4WD Robot Car Chassis with Speed Encoder


    This kit can be used to make all kinds or robotic projects with 4 wheels mounted on a chassis

      • 2 x Car chassis (Transparent)
      • 4 x DC gear motor
      • 4 x Yellow wheels
      • 1 x 4-AA-L Battery box
      • 4 x 20 line tachometer encoder
      • 8 x Fastener
      • 1 x 3D assembly drawings (Chinese version)
    • Several pillars screw nut
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    DIY Acrylic Mechanics Handle Robot 4 DOF Arm Arduino


    This is a classic 4-degree-of-freedom machine is inspired by industrial robots. The kit is suitable for guest space, college students, high school students use. You can use arduino, 51 single-chip, model remote control, etc. to control the robot.

    The product is a spare part that is not assembled.

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    DIY Tank Robot SN3900

     18,000  25,000
    • Good damping effect, you can press down to 0.7cm.
    • With general motors 130, support 3-8V voltage¬†
    • With the DC charging port at the bottom of the tail.
    • Easy to install.
    • Ideal for DIY.
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