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    Single Channel Amplifier Board – 18W – TDA2030A


    This TDA2030A audio power amplifier can help in the design of any audio circuit in need of extra amplification. Simply connect power and an input signal and have a boost in your audio project. Can be used with FM receivers, audio recording chips, microcontroller PWM output, etc.

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    Solid State Relay Module – SSR 40DA


    A solid state relay (SSR) allows you to control high-current AC loads from lower voltage DC control circuitry. Solid state relays have several advantages over mechanical relays. One such advantage is that they can be switched by a much lower voltage and at a much lower current than most mechanical relays. Also, because there’s no moving contacts, solid state relays can be switched much faster and for much longer periods without wearing out.

    This particular SSR can switch current loads of up to 40A with a 3-32V DC input and a zero cross trigger control method. Each one of these relays is equipped with four screw terminals (for use with ring or fork connectors) and a plastic cover that slides over the top of the relay to protect the terminals.

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    Step-Up Step-Down Constant Voltage Constant Current Converter Module


    This module has the popular LM2596 (Buck Reducing)  and LM2577 (Boost Up) power converters on board. It is therefore able to step-up or step-down power from a variety of PC power sources and deliver steady power to a load.

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    TP4056 Lithium Ion/LiPo Battery Charger

    • Charge module- Linear charging.
    • Current- 1A adjustable.
    • Charge precision- 1.5%.
    • Input voltage- 4.5V-5.5V.
    • Full charge voltage- 4.2V.
    • Led indicator- red is charging blue is full charged.
    • Input interface- mini USB.
    • Work temperature- -10 to +85.
    • Inversed polarity- NO.
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