5V Solid State Relay Module


This solid satate relay allows easy control of electrical loads of up to 220V 2A to be easily controlled from an Arduino or other microcontroller. An added advantage of a Solid State Relay is that it has no moving parts (no coil), it makes no sound during switch operation and is much safer to combine with microprocessors since there is no flyback voltage spike.

  • 5V Omron solid state relay 240V 2A.
  • Input Power: 5V DC (160MA)
  • Input Control Signal 0-2.5V Relay is ON (Open), 3.3-5V relay is OFF(Closed)

Module interface:

  • DC +: positive power supply (by relay voltage power supply)
  • DC-: connect power negative
  • CH: relay module signal to trigger the end (low level trigger valid)



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