USB Fan Speed Controller Board


USB fan speed controller. Mute multi-position wind speed regulator.It is suitable for offices, dormitories, bedsides, etc..

1>.USB fan adjuster;
2>.Strong/weak wind are free to adjust;
3>.USB fan stepless governor;
4>.Knob with switch;

1>.Product Name:USB Fan Stepless Governor
2>.Product Number:XY-FS
3>.Working Voltage:DC 4V-12V
4>.Output Voltage:DC 2.5~8.0V
5>.Rated power: 5W(Do not overload!)

Fan speed principle:
The input power supply is DC 5V for the non-adjustable USB fan.There is a boost board inside the fan for the two-position fan.This boost board step up voltage for motor in fan when in the second gear.Causes the fan to turn faster and the wind becomes bigger.
The stepless governor output voltage range varies from 2.5 volts to 8.0 volts.The wind speed is set arbitrarily.
Turn the knob clockwise to increase the wind speed.
Turn counterclockwise to reduce the wind speed, and the knob has a switch function.
Micro USB and Male USB are input terminal which used to connect to power supply.
Female USB is output which used to connect to fan.


  • 1>.Connect fan from Female USB;
  • 2>.Connect power supply from Micro USB or Male USB from mobile phone charger, charging treasure, computer USB, etc.
  • 3>.Adjust the potentiometer to change the wind speed.

When using the two-speed adjustment fan, please put the fan in the first gear, otherwise it may not be able to adjust the speed..


  • 1>.Office
  • 2>.Bedroom
  • 3>.Chassis
  • 4>.Desk
  • 5>.Workbench

Package Listing:
1>.1pcs XY-FS USB Fan Stepless Governor


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