Nano Purple Multifunction PCB


These low cost Single-sided copper-clad printed circuit board made from  paper-based material. They are very useful when making simple single sided prototype boards.


  • Great for prototypes and short run PCB
  • low-cost printed circuit board.
  • Easy to drill and cut.
  • Suitable etchant ferric chloride solution.
  • 210 × 297mm
SKU: 098-1

Breakout board to connect a standard Arduino Nano with the common NRF24L01 on an 8 pin board.


  • NRF board is hidden under Nano for a compact form factor
  • Space for on-board 3v3 regulator – LM1117S-3 & smoothing caps
  • Break out connectors including
  • 3x pin Analog: A/5v/0v which make it easy to connect potentiometers or use as servo/signal outputs
  • 4x pin i2c: gnd/+/SDA/SCL – allows easy connection to peripherals like OLED or sensors.
  • Space for on-board push button
  • Space for on-board WS2812 smart LED
  • Connectors for switched Vin



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