MQ Sensor (Empty PCB)


It is an empty PCB which can be used for all MQ Series Sensor

Module Features:

  • MQ-2 smoke gas sensor
  • MQ-3 alcohol sensor
  • MQ-4 methane sensor
  • MQ-5 LPG Natural Gas City Gas Sensor
  • MQ-6 isobutane propane sensor
  • MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor module
  • MQ-8 hydrogen sensor
  • MQ-9 carbon monoxide combustible gas sensor
  • MQ-135 air quality detection sensor


  • Package: MQ Series pcb Blanking
  • Customized: Yes
  • Model Number: MQ Series PCB Blanking
  • Operating Temperature: MQ Series PCB Blanking
  • Dissipation Power: MQ Series PCB Blanking
  • Supply Voltage: MQ Series PCB Blanking
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