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A6 Mini GPRS/GSM Module


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This Mini A6 GPRS/GSM Module is a very advanced but tiny little module that fits a micro SIM card and features a small, yet very effective antenna and two 8-pin headers so that it can be integrated onto Arduino Boards or similar types of development platforms. It is based on the larger A6 GSM/GPRS Dev Board Module, and is capable of connecting to GSM and GPRS networks for tracking purposes, for access and alarm systems, as well as a range of other wireless applications.

The small board and component size ensures that it has very low power consumption, ensuring that it is capable of lasting a long time even when powered by a relatively weak battery – which of course is a great feature for GSM/GPRS Modules that need to stay connected to networks. Additionally, it even features a sleep mode that drops the current draw down to 5mA, so that it can provide good functionality while in operations mode but doesn’t draw more than it needs when it’s not receiving frequent signals or commands.

The Antenna included with the module has a dedicated through hole in which it can be soldered, and comes with two 8-pin sets of headers to offer a convenient and easy-to-connect method to communicate with the board and control the pins via Development Platforms or Arduino.


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