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    Arduino IoT Weather Station Kit


    The weather station Internet of Things(IoT) kit allows an internet connected weather station to be built with ease. The kit contains items that allow allow temperature and humidity reading to be collected and posted to the internet via a GSM network with the availability of battery backup.


    Kit Contains

    • Arduino Uno R3
    • DH11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    • SIM800 GSM Module
    • TP4056 Lithium Ion Battery Charger
    • 18650 Lithium Ion Battery
    • MT3608 Booster


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    Arduino Weather Station Kit


    This kit which comprises of an Arduino Nano and DH11 allows easy measurement of weather conditions from an Arduino Nano. The kit measures and displays temperature and relative humidity on an LCD.

    Use our sample source code to get you going see www.blog.nerdshed.com.ng


    Kit contains:

    • Arduino Nano
    • DH11 Temperature/Humidity Sensor
    • 16 X 2 LCD
    • I2C to LCD Converter module
    • Jumper cables


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    Soldering Rework Station


    This Soldering Station 852D is the one station you need to solve all your soldering needs. It will help you easily solder and desolder  SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, DIP and other difficult to solder packages.


    • Power Voltage: 220V
    • Power Consumption: 270W (Max.)
    • Pump: Diaphragm Pump
    • Capacity: 24L/min (Max.)
    • Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: <0.5mV
    • Standard Iron Tip: AT-900M
    • Hot Air Temperature: /100-480°C
    • Tip of Iron Temperature:200-480°C

    Box Contains

    • 1x Rework Station with Air Output
    • 1x Rework Tray
    • 1x Soldering Iron Holder with Cleaner
    • 1x Soldering Iron
    • 1x Soldering Iron Foam
    • 4x Nozzles (Ø3mm, Ø5mm, Ø7mm, Ø10mm) for Versatile Applications
    • 5x Tips (900M-T-I, B, K, 3C, 4D) for More Convenience Operation
    • 1x Manual


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