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    Infrared Obstacle Sensor


    This 3-pin IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Module Sensor is perfect for Arduino or Micro: bits.

    The Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor has a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving sensors. The infrared LED emits Infrared signals at a certain frequency. Then when an obstacle appears on the line of infrared light, it is reflected by the obstacle. When the sensor detects an obstacle, the LED indicator lights up, giving a low-level output signal in the OUT pin. The sensor detects a distance of 2 – 30cm. Additionally, the sensor has a potentiometer that can be adjusted to change the detection distance.

    • The comparator output signal clean waveform is more than 15mA.
    • It is equipped with a precision potentiometer adjustable sensitivity adjustment.
    • Its operating Voltage is 3.3V-5V.
    • Range: 35 degrees
    • Power LED: Illuminates when power is applied
    • Obstacle LED: Illuminates when the obstacle is detected
    • Distance Adjust: Adjust detection distance. CCW decreases distance. CW increases distance.
    • The output is in the form: DO digital switching outputs (0 and 1) and AO analog voltage output.
    • Additionally, there are fixed bolt holes for easy installation.
    • 3mm screw holes, easy fixed installation
    • Pitch: 2.54mm
    • Size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm

    • VCC: external 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected to 5v MCU and 3.3v MCU)
    • GND: GND External
    • OUT: small board digital output interfaces (0 and 1)
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