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    Somo Module (WTV020)


    The WTV020-SD allows you to easily add sound/music to your electronic project. The audio files are stored on an SD card and can be selected and played back with an Arduino or other microcontroller. The audio playback can also be controlled by use of buttons.

    This module can be used to add audio to toys, industrial machinery, burglar alarm, GPS navigation systems, burglar and anti-theft alarm, etc



    Key Features

    • 2.6-3.6V Operating Voltage
    • Plays AD4 format (6KHz to 32KHz)
    • Plays WAV format (6KHz to 16KHz)
    • 1GB max SD card capacity
    • Can be controlled with or without a microcontroller
    • Stores and plays back up to 512 audio samples
    • Power saving mode
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