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    MAX232 + Free Socket and Capacitors


    The MAX232 is an integrated circuit which converts signals from a TIA-232 (RS-232) serial port to signals suitable for use in TTL-compatible digital logic circuits such as microcontrollers. The MAX232 is a dual transmitter / dual receiver that typically is used to convert the RX, TX, CTS, RTS signals.





    • Meets or Exceeds TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU Recommendation V.28
    • Operates From a Single 5-V Power Supply With 1.0-F Charge-Pump Capacitors
    • Operates Up To 120 kbit/s
    • Two Drivers and Two Receivers sot that up to two devices can use the same chip or flow control lines such as DTR and CTS.
    • ±30-V Input Levels
    • Low Supply Current… 8 mA Typical
    • ESD Protection
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