• KY-033
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    KY-033 Tracking Hunt Sensor


    The Infrared Tracking Hunt Sensor Module – KY-033 is a line tracking device. It outputs a digital signal depending on the reflectivity of the surface in front of it.

    The module has a LED indicator that turns on when the surface in front of it is reflective. It also has a potentiometer knob that adjusts the sensitivity or the detection range of the sensors.


    • Operating Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
    • Operating Current:  20 mA
    • Operating Temperature: -1 – +50
    • Detection Distance: 2cm – 40cm
    • Effective Angle: 35

    1 X Infrared Tracking Hunt Sensor Module – KY-033

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  • ky-034
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    KY-034 7 Color Flashing LED Module


    Spice up your project with this LED that cycles through 7 different colors! This module has an on-board resistor so you can just wire the module directly to 5V to turn it on.

    This module is part of the KY series of sensors which means that the prints on the board might be mislabelled, do read our notes in the description to understand how to wire it properly. For more information about the problems with the KY series


    • Operating Voltage: 5V
    • Turn-on Voltage: 3V- 4.5V
    • Weight: 2g

    Note: Pin 1 should be connected to 5V. Pin 2 & Pin 3 are connected together and should be connected to Ground. (See image for pin labelling)

    Hookup Guide: //iot-guider.com/Arduino/7-color-led-flash-module-ky-034-in-arduino/

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