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  • Features: NRF24L01P + PA + LNA Division for the ultra-long-distance data transmission, specially developed high-power and high sensitivity wireless module 2.4G ISM band NRF24L01P + PA + LNA wireless module to work in the license-free that can be point-to-point applications or be composed of a star network. Digital transmission chip NRF24L01+ with the Division of Professional Design professional full two-way RF power amplifier high power PA and LNA chip, RF switches and band pass filters, makes effective communication distance greatly expand. In The RF part, there has been a lot of optimization matching debugging. The emission efficiency to achieve the highest harmonic minimum and make NRF24L01P + PA + LNA wireless module of RF interference to the external equipment reaches minimum, while not susceptible to interference from other devices. NRF24L01P + PA + LNA wireless module integration is extremely high, the size is 41mm x 15.5mm to make it conveniently embedded. Description: Voltage: 3-3.6V Max output power: +20 dBm Working current in transmit mode: 115mA Working current in receiver mode: 45mA Current in mode: 4.2uA Operating temperature: -20-70 degree Receiver sensitivity: -92dBm in 2Mbps mode, -95dBm in 1Mbps mode, -104dBm in 250kbps mode PA growth: 20dB LAN growth: 10dB LAN noise figure: 2.6dB Antenna growth: 2dBI 2M rate: 520m Package included: 1 x 1100 Meter Long Distance NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Module With Antenna
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    1100 Meter Long Distance NRF24L01+PA+LNA

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    3DBI High Gain Antenna


    Extended range 3DBI Adjustable WiFi Antenna with gold plated U.FL to Female SMA connection cable.

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    ESP8266 ESP-12E WIFI Development Board – NodeMcu Lua


    ESP8266 ESP-12E is the most advanced ESP-board out there. It has 6 more GPIO pins, on board LED and allows you to build internet connected gadgets in minutes all that needs to be done is . Easily programmable in Arduino, NodeMCU, Python, LUA, etc


    • USB-TTL plug and play
    • 10 GPIO, every GPIO can be PWM, I2C, 1-wire
    • Program in Arduino language and IDE (//www.instructables.com/id/Programming-the-ESP8266-12E-using-Arduino-software/)
    • Standard ESP AT commands


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    ESP8266-01 Relay Board


    This board is built specifically for the ESP8266 WiFi module. It allows you to control all kinds of devices over the Internet from the wildly popular ESP8266-01 Module. Simply power up and program the board.

    • Board size: 45 * 28 mm
    • Board function description:
    • IN +, IN-: 5V power input;
    • TX, RX, GND: Serial debug pin
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    WeMos D1 ESP8266 WiFi Board


    The WeMos D1 is a board based on the ESP8266-12E WiFi Module and that has an Arduino Layout. It is compatible with Arduino and NodeMCU.

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