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    12V Mini Electric Solenoid Lock


    Electric solenoid lock adopts the principle of electromagnetism. When the current passes through the silicon, the electromagnetic lock will achieve a strong suction which tightly suck the iron, thus lock the door.

    Designed with the open frame type and mount board, easy to install for electric lock or other automatic door lock. The lock tongue direction can be adjusted freely, when the black spring clip below is dismantled.

    It is suitable for all kinds of door, window, box, cabinet(such as storage cabinets, savings cabinet etc). Also can be installed in the escape door or fire door electronic controlled system.

    Electric solenoid lock is a high quality ultra-compact electric lock built in full copper wire, whole metal structure, small, lightweight, low power consumption, strong and durable, safe and secure.

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  • ATTEN AT936B Temperature Regulated Soldering Station
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    ATTEN AT936B Temperature Regulated Soldering Station


    The ATTEN AT936B is a powerful 50 Watt soldering station suitable for all soldering needs from hobbyists to professionals. The automatic temperature regulation and ESD protection allows for high quality professional soldering. This soldering iron heats up very quickly so that you can get to work immediately, typically less than 30s.


    • Temperature regulator knob.
    • Portable and compact setup.
    • Anti-static protection.
    • Replaceable soldering tips and heating element.
    • Typically heats up in <30s.
    • “Heating up” red LED indicator.


    • Power Consumption: 50 W
    • Operating voltage: 110-220V AC
    • Input frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Output Voltage: 26VAC
    • Temperature Range: 200-480 °C
    • Resistance between nozzle and ground: Less than 2Ω
    • Potential between nozzle and ground: Less than 5mV

    Package Includes:

    • ATTEN AT936b 50W SMD Rework Station.
    • Iron handle.
    • Iron stand.
    • Cleaning sponge.
    • Instruction manual.
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    ESD Anti-static Wrist Strap Band


    If you’re working with electronics, whether it be installing some new RAM in your computer or putting together your new Raspberry Pi project, static electricity is a big problem. For you, the worst that could happen is a minor shock that provides nothing more than a little discomfort. But for your electronics, that one little shock could mean the end of your hardware’s functional life. The electronics of today are made up of delicate components. They are designed to operate within a very specific voltage range. One small electric shock is often outside of this range, and should be avoided at all costs.

    This durable ESD anti-static wrist strap helps you protect your valuable computer equipment from dangerous static electricity. The wrist strap/grounding bracelet offers hassle-free electrostatic grounding, allowing you to work freely on your computer/ project without having to worry about static build-up, which could potentially damage computer components.

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    PCB Drill kit


    This very handy tool allows you to drill, and grind different kinds of things. It is extremely handy in making through holes in Printed Circuit Boards.


    Product Description:


    • 1 x Handle
    • 1 x AC power adapter (US plug / AC 100~240V / 80cm-cable)
    • 5 x Chucks (0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.0mm)
    • 20 x Corundum card grindings
    • 2 x Wool grinding heads
    • 2 x Grinding heads
    • 1 x Connectiing rod
    • 10 x High-speed steel drill (0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.2mm)
    • 1 x Abrasive disc cutter
    • 1 x Plastic case
    • Electric drill type:Mini drill
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    Push Pull Type Open Frame Solenoid Electromagnet 10mm 20N DC 12v/2A


    Pull type, open frame type, linear motion, open coil form, built-in mounting board, DC electromagnet. Used widely in banking ATM, home appliances,vending machines, game machine,auto door lock,electronic appliances, embroidery machines,intelligent lock, juice bread maker, textile machines, cash register or other automatic control devices etc. Supports DC 12V voltage, high power, push type, linear motion and easy to install.

    Basically a solenoid consists of a coil with an associated iron circuit forming the fixed part. A moving plunger is pulled into this coil when it is energised.

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    Soldering Rework Station


    This Soldering Station 852D is the one station you need to solve all your soldering needs. It will help you easily solder and desolder  SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, DIP and other difficult to solder packages.


    • Power Voltage: 220V
    • Power Consumption: 270W (Max.)
    • Pump: Diaphragm Pump
    • Capacity: 24L/min (Max.)
    • Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: <0.5mV
    • Standard Iron Tip: AT-900M
    • Hot Air Temperature: /100-480°C
    • Tip of Iron Temperature:200-480°C

    Box Contains

    • 1x Rework Station with Air Output
    • 1x Rework Tray
    • 1x Soldering Iron Holder with Cleaner
    • 1x Soldering Iron
    • 1x Soldering Iron Foam
    • 4x Nozzles (Ø3mm, Ø5mm, Ø7mm, Ø10mm) for Versatile Applications
    • 5x Tips (900M-T-I, B, K, 3C, 4D) for More Convenience Operation
    • 1x Manual


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