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    1 X 4 Membrane Matrix Keypad


    This small 4 button membrane matrix keypad allows control buttons to be added to a project with as little programming and soldering as possible.

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    1/2 inch Solenoid Valve


    A solenoid valve is an electro-mechanically operated valve. The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid: in the case of a two-port valve the flow is switched on or off.

    They are normally closed water/air solenoid valves (Opens when energized). They can be used as inlet (feed) valves in washing machines, water purifiers, dish washers, Ice makers, vending machines, Coffee makers and as control valve in Automatic Water Faucets (Automatic sensor Taps).

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    10 Pcs 0.3mm-1.2mm PCB CNC Mini Drill Bits


    These drills are perfect for delicate drilling through hard materials for model engineering, jewelry repairs, craft, archeology and scientific laboratory work.

    Ideal for drilling through printed circuit boards(PCB). PCBs require a tough micro drill and tungsten carbide drills range outperforms

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    16 Piece Screwdriver Set


    This 16 piece screwdriver set with interchangeale heads has you covered whenever you need to drive any of the popular fasters out there. It has flat heads (different sizes), phillips heads (diffenent sizes), allen keys and more

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  • 3x4 Membrane Matrix Keypad
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    3×4 Membrane Matrix Keypad


    This small 4 button membrane matrix keypad allows control buttons to be added to a project with as little programming and soldering as possible.

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    6 Piece Anti-static Plastic Tweezer Kit


    This tweezer kit allows difficult-to-reach-and-handle-components-and-work pieces to be easily worked on.

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    Contact Cleaner Spray


    This contact cleaner sray cleans lubricates and protects electrical and mechanical parts from moisture, corrosion and friction. Simply spray on the affected area, be it a circuit board or stuck bolt and see the job done. The 200ml can will last through several uses.



    • Cleans and protects mechanical parts
    • Lubricates moving parts, even stuck ones
    • Protects electrical and mechanical parts from rust and corrosion
    • Improves electrical conductivity
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    Curved Tweezers


    This tweezer allows you to pick-up and solder SMD components as well as carry out other delicate and sensitive tasks.

    Features :

    • This is an anti-static and anti-acid tweezer
    • Made of high quality stainless steel for durability and functionality
    • Easy to carry and use
    • Simple and practical design
    • Ideal for magnetism sensitive component

    Specifications :

    • Stainless steel tips with plastic insulation
    • Color: Black
    • Product weight: 16 g
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    Desoldering Pump


    This desoldering pump tool helps you remove components from Vero boards or Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) with great ease. It sucks up melted solder using a vacuum


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    Electric Hand-held Blower


    This electric hand blower allows you to easily blow dust away from electronic gadgets such as laptop vents, desktops, or blow leaves!

    • Power Specifications: 230V 60 Hz, 2.3A,
    • On-Off Switch with lock.
    • 520W Output
    • Full-load speed 14,500rpm
    • Wind pressure 2.7m³/min,
    • Thermal cut-out protection


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    Hand Held Magnifier With LED


    This is the ideal  magnifier for reading or trying to visualise tiny object whether at home or at the office it is very portable to carry.



    • 5x Magnification
    • Long lasting LED (up to 10 years)
    • 100 hours continuous lighting
    • The white LED allows you to see the color of things as they truly are
    • Easy to use, it can be used at night as a flashlight.
    • Low power consumption, the use of two high-energy lithium batteries (CR2016).


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    Membrane Switch Panel Extended Button – 4 Extension Key


    Product Description:

    1×4 type 4 keys.White sticker can peel off for adhesive mounting.Used widely in industrial and home electronic equipments, instrument, etc.

    • Panel material: PC sand surface
    • Adhesive tape on the back: white glue
    • Keystroke force: 280g
    • Temperature: -15°C/+65°C
    • Circuit material: 0.125mmPET fully transparent
    • Button package type: button plane
    • Key bag height: 0.3mm
    • Button life: >100,000 times
    • Loop resistance: <50 ohm
    • Connector: 2.54mm square hole with protective sleeve

    Shipping Included:

    • 1PCS*1×4 Matrix Array Membrane Switch Keypad
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